Saturday, September 8, 2012

Big Fat Tote with 18 Pockets, "The Farmer Fancy", Only One Unit

Stylish shoulder bag with 18 pockets for excellent organising function. 
You can bring it to :
- work (Able to fit A4 size booklets. Pockets are able to fit Ipad and other electronic devices)
- shopping 
- or as mama bag (pockets are designed to hold water bottle, milk bottle, diapers, baby clothes, towels)

- Sturdy shape with high quality interfacing and fully padded
- Size: Width 39cm x Height 30cm x Depth 12cm
- Handle: Adjustable length PU handle

Fine quality and vivid colour USA cotton fabric, body is using heavy cotton

This bag is limited edition. It's one and only in the world and I will not make the 2nd one.

Two external side pockets

Bottom of the bag is enhanced with plastic board to hold the weight.

Code: TOT0022

Internal 16 pockets:
- 2 large zipper pockets
- 4 open slip pockets
- 2 side pockets
- 8 hidden pockets (inside the zipper pockets)

Sold. Limited edition, only 1 unit.



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