About Me

Hi, I am Pie Gee from Malaysia. My nickname is Iris. 

I have started my own free lance jobs since 2010 after quitting from a nine-to-five job. My health was very bad during that time.

I am a gardening lover and a handmade lover at a same time so I develop my hobbies into business. I am a flower seeds seller now and I own my own shopping website (www.iris-seeds.com) for variety flower seeds, herbs seeds and vegetable seeds. I am also design my own pouches and bags, jewelries using the brand name "Handmademania". Now my handmade stuff have been sent to more than 10 countries in the world.

Hope you enjoy with my blogs.

Gardening Blog: iris33.blogspot.com
Flower seeds store: www.iris-seeds.com

Handmade Blog: www.handmademania.com

"Handmade is a one-of-a-kind piece that a person truly puts their heart, sweat, & passion into creating. Since handmade items aren’t mass produced, each is a little different and unique which gives them a lot of character, which is something that I appreciate.

Quoted By Tianna Meilinger"