Wednesday, January 12, 2011

午餐迷你单环手拿包Mini Lunch Clutch [Code:LNC0001]




[Code: LNC0001]

Price: Email for more information

Material: Cotton linen

Size: Height 20cm x Width 16cm

Useful EGG shape clutch which has 3 small section includes a internal zipper to suit all your needs. . Suitable to bring it out for lunch if you don't want to bring a big bag. You can put coins in the zipper, cellphone and wallet in the main section, and tissue paper in the external section.

This clutch is originally designed by me, please do not copy my design with my prior agree. As of its complicity, it really took me some times to make it.

口袋超多,很实用的一款午餐喝茶包,把它设计成单环包的样子。袋内有个小拉链,可以放零钱哦。袋的主体可以放钱包和手机,外袋呢可以放tissue paper。午餐时间,OL可以带着它,非常方便呢!

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