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Price are set based on the following key points. Material costs and time consuming are slightly higher as I treat every piece of my craft seriously. I am unable to compete my price with factory mass production made items. I am also unable to compete with items made with low costs china materials.

The selling price of my crafts might be higher but you can rest assure that you are buying good quality crafts.

1) Quality fabrics
 - Most of the fabrics used are imported from USA, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. They have vibrant colours and well known in their good quality.

2) Quality Stabiliser and Batting
 - My bags are all added with quality stabiliser and batting so that the shape are sturdy and more durable. They have 4 to 5 layers of materials from inside to outside. You can even put your electronic device in the bag as my bags are thick enough to absorb the shock from crashing.

3) Thread and stitching
 - I use very strong thread to double stitch the bag. It will ensure the strength of the bag to carry your heavy belongings.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

 - Iris -

我是根据以下几点来为我的作品定价。很无奈,因为自我要求高,因此成本和所花的时间相对较高, 我的价格没有办法和工厂货竞争。

一分钱一分货,请花一点时间阅读, 那么你会知道你买到的是品质。

1) 品质良好的布料
 - 我所使用的大部分布料是来自美国,日本,台湾和韩国。这些布料的颜色亮眼但不俗艳,质地也很细腻。

2) 布衬和铺棉
 - 所有的包包至少都有4到5层的材料,里里外外加了厚厚的布衬和铺棉。虽然不是用天价的日本货,至少也用了不错的台湾货。包包看起来挺,也可以保护包包里面放的物件。

3) 线材
 - 使用很强韧的线来回车把包体2遍,花了2倍的时间但是值得,因为包包会耐重。


 - Iris -

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